Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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New Year’s 2013

We aren’t big party people at all. We’re spending our New Year’s Eve at home just the two of us. So far, it’s been pretty good!

Breakfast this morning was a big bowl of cereal. If I’m not running and not at work, I really enjoy good old cereal and milk. I had coffee too, of course, this time in my new mug from mom-in-law. Thanks mom-in-law! ūüôā


We didn’t do much all day and then around 3:00 walked to Target so Mat could use his fun money to buy Xbox points that can be used to buy games.

Eventually we started dinner. Tonight’s dinner was in two parts. Part 1: cheese fondue!







It was delicious! The recipe was simple: 1 cup dry white wine, 1/2 pound each Swiss and gruyere cheeses, 2 tablespoons of flour, and 1/4 teaspoon each salt and nutmeg. Served with sourdough bread, veggies, and apples.

Part 2 was mini pies. We made a sweet potato and bean filling and used the pie crust recipe from a book. They’re so cute!

And so delicious! The mini pie maker was from Mat’s parents for Christmas. Thanks! ūüôā

Wine was on the menu too, of course.


And yes, Mat is playing Xbox while I type this. Like I said, total party animals over here!

The rest of the evening will be spent watching The Big Bang Theory, eating cookies, and eventually toasting with champagne while watching the ball drop.

Happy new year everyone!


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Poor Computer

I’m once again blogging from the iPad. My poor MacBook is sick. I took it to the Apple store today and they think it’s a hard drive thing. I have to take it to a place that can back up my data tomorrow (that will be fun to pay for) and then either go back to Apple for the actual repair or have the hard drive people do it. Fortunately, the whole thing will hopefully only cost around $300. Still not something I want to pay for as the Christmas bills hit, but it could be worse. I can live without a computer if I have to, but if I can fix it for a few hundred I want to do it.

Today was spent cleaning up Christmas and cleaning in general. It took a good 4 hours to do. But, now we love in a lovely clean apartment and it feels so good. Hopefully soon that will be upgraded to a house! (Still waiting to hear).

For dinner, we made crock pot spaghetti soup. I altered it a little by using orecchiette pasta instead of spaghetti and using a lot more than the called-for 4 oz, using carrots and a few red/yellow/orange bell pepper pieces instead of green, and omitting the celery. I added extra water because I was using extra pasta, and it came out super thick. The orecchiette pasta puffed up a LOT, so it looked more like sticky stew than soup, but it still tasted great.

We had salad with it, of course.

And now we’re going to finish last night’s cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory

and watch yet more Big Bang Theory on DVD. Best. Show. Ever.

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IT Band Issues

My right leg’s IT Band has started acting up. ¬†On today’s 4.5 mile run I started to actually notice it. ¬†I think I started feeling it on the last few runs too, but it was hard to tell. ¬†Thankfully, I’ve been though this before (on my left leg) so I know how to take care of it: ice, stretch, strengthen, and use the IT Band brace in the meantime. ¬†I think since I caught it earlier than last time I’ll be fine to keep running as long as I take care of it in between runs. ¬†Last time I was really diligent about the exercises and icing/stretching and it was better in a week or so and I was able to stop using the brace even on the long runs after a few weeks.

Oh, and according to my new Garmin, my pace was about 8:30/mile today. ¬†Better than yesterday’s 9:00/mile pace! ¬†ūüėÄ

Besides my morning run, I also went to the doctor for a physical. ¬†I discovered while there that I needed a TDap (tetanus/pertussis aka whooping cough) shot. ¬†Lucky me. ¬†However, it’s important to get the whooping cough vaccine since I’ll be spending time with my baby niece in a few months. ¬†Mat has a physical appointment before the baby comes also, so he can get the vaccine too. ¬†We certainly don’t want to make her sick!

Needless to say, my left shoulder is already sore. ¬†I made sure to get my crunches/planks/push ups done when I got home before it got too sore. ¬†I wasn’t sure if it would get worse tomorrow so gotta get it done today!

After the actual appointment, I went to the lab for bloodwork.  Besides not having had a physical in a while, getting one now will give us a discount on one month of health insurance payments.  Win!

One more errand after that: pick up my face wash prescription from the pharmacy. ¬†When I finally got home and got the crunches and stuff out of the way, I got around to eating. ¬†I was pretty hungry after a run and having been up since 6, but I was glad I hadn’t eaten because it allowed me to get the bloodwork out of the way today.

I decided to make peanut butter and chocolate oatmeal.  Delish!



I also had a banana (unpictured) and coffee. ¬†Still in the Christmas mug. ¬†ūüôā



Today’s plan is to get some more post-Christmas cleaning/organizing domes (hopefully) and laundry folded (also hopefully) before meeting my college roomie Jenn for Golden Spoon. ¬†All in all, not a bad day!

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Christmas 2012

Whew! ¬†What a few days it’s been! ¬†I’ve been so crazy busy that I haven’t had a chance to sit down at the computer AT ALL. ¬†Let’s play catch up shall we?


Friday’s day of togetherness¬†was to bake Christmas cookies. ¬†So we did.

I wanted to make peanut butter blossoms since we never had them growing up (my sister is allergic to peanuts).  I used this recipe and they turned out AMAZING.

pb blossoms

We also started wrapping presents and enjoyed some wine while doing so.


Saturday began with Mat at work as usual and me running. ¬†I did an 11 miler, still following my training plan. ¬†When I got back, it was cleaning and baking and wrapping galore. ¬†I honestly don’t remember much of Saturday because it was so jam-packed. ¬†Oh no wait, I just remembered one of the big things we did. ¬†We saw a house!

Mat got off work at 2 and picked me up immediately so we could be at the house around 2:30. ¬†It was a house that our realtor found on Friday and we decided that even though it was a crazy weekend we wanted to see it. ¬†I’m super glad we did because we ended up putting in an offer! ¬†Hopefully we’ll hear by the end of this week. ¬†We’re trying not to get our hopes up, but if I said I wasn’t crossing my fingers I’d be lying. ¬†ūüôā

After seeing the house we went home, did more chores and stuff, and then went to a Christmas party at Mindy and Joel’s house. ¬†We weren’t going to stay super late because Mat had a paper to start that was due on Monday (yes, on Christmas Eve), but you know how it goes when you see people you haven’t seen in a while. ¬†We got home around 11:30 and he started his paper and then we both crashed.


Sunday we slept in a little and then got started on more chores. ¬†I don’t remember the order of things, but as Mat wrote his paper, I baked two cakes.


The red velvet one had mint Hershey’s in it and was used for the red velvet trifle. ¬†The yellow one was for my mom’s tres leche birthday cake that I make for her every year.

During all the food prep, we were also trying to get the house offer papers signed. ¬†We were driving up to meet my parents for my mom’s birthday dinner (and early dinner – 4:30 reservation) so time was tight. ¬†As we tried to print the contract, we discovered that our printer was out of black ink. ¬†Mat tried to go print it at the apartment complex office, but that didn’t work either. ¬†So, we hurried to get ready and drove to my parents’ house where we finally printed it and managed to talk to our realtor and go through all the important stuff on it.

We went to dinner at The Summit House which is where we had our wedding reception. ¬†My mom likes to go there every year for her birthday. ¬†Having a Christmas Eve birthday means she wanted to do something special with the family a day or two before. ¬†Works for me! ¬†The Summit House, while expensive, is AMAZING. ¬†We get a 1 year anniversary dinner there in June and I already can’t wait!

We got home and cleaned (hadn’t had time earlier) and got the contract signed, scanned in, and finally emailed to our realtor. ¬†He got it sent off by 11 pm (he rocks) and now we’re waiting to see what happens!


Mat had to work a short shift on Christmas Even morning, and I set the alarm for 5 so I could fit in my run before finishing my mom’s cake and cleaning the kitchen. ¬†I ended up hitting snooze for half and hour before finally pulling myself out of bed to discover it was raining. ¬†I definitely dilly-dallied on getting out the door at that point.

I did 4.5 miles, did some sit ups, planks, and push ups, and then got the cake done. ¬†I have no pictures of it though – I’ve been really bad about that lately. ¬†I got the kitchen totally cleaned and finally got myself ready. ¬†Mat got home and got ready and then we loaded the car with gifts for my family and my mom’s cake and drove up home. ¬†After stopping in to see Mat’s parents we headed to my parents’ house where we watched mom open her birthday presents, ate a yummy meal, went to church, had birthday cake, and opened Christmas presents.


Our first married Christmas morning was really nice.  We enjoyed eggs and pastries while opening gifts.


cinnamon rolls


My stocking stuffer was this CD.  I was super excited!

stocking stuffer

My big present to Mat was his XBox 360. ¬†He’s wanted one for a while and didn’t think it was possible to get it. ¬†He was definitely surprised when he opened it!

shocked hubby


Mat’s family came over to exchange gifts early in the afternoon, and then my family joined a few hours later for dinner. ¬†It was our first time hosting for a holiday and I’d say it was a success! ¬†(Again, I’ve been bad about the picture lately).


After sleeping until 8 or so, we headed out for a 7 mile run. ¬†Mat made it about 1.5 miles before he decided to turn back. ¬†His IT band has been acting up again and he didn’t want to push it. ¬†That left me to go the rest of the run on my own without music. ¬†Sad times. ¬†My legs were super fatigued. ¬†I think it was because of the heavier food the last few days combined with being super busy and rather stressed out (understatement – the stress made me have another breakdown/mild anxiety attack last night).

But, I made it through the 7 miles and walked 1.5 miles home. ¬†I used an 8/8.5 mile route and then walked the last part so I didn’t have to try and come up with a new route. ¬†One nice thing about being off work. ¬†ūüôā

As I tried to motivate myself to do sit ups, Mat was excited about his XBox.

happy hubby

I was excited about my new Garmin!

post run


After reading about it on another blog a couple months ago, I knew I wanted one. ¬†I’ve never had one before and always had to guess at my pace. ¬†I was excited to see that I kept a 9 minute mile despite feeling like crap.

Here’s my splits:

Mile 1: 8:59

Mile 2: 9:08

Mile 3: 9:07

Mile 4: 9:07

Mile 5: 9:07

Mile 6: 9:12

Mile 7: 8:58

I need to work out speed, that’s for sure.

My post run breakfast (or lunch – it was late by the time I got around to eating) was an old favorite: cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, strawberries, granola, and honey. ¬†I bought strawberries for my mom’s birthday cake and had a few left over. ¬†Win!

fave breakfast


Since then I’ve basically sat on my butt. ¬†It’s awesome.

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

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Starbucks Time!

Today’s day of togetherness¬†was to get delicious holiday drinks from Starbucks. ¬†We’ve already done this several times this holiday season, but never with such deliberateness. ¬†ūüôā

So, after work, I picked up Mat and off we went. ¬†Since dance practice went until 5:30 today it made the most sense time-wise for me to pick him up and go straight there. ¬†It’s exactly what we did yesterday for going out to dinner because I had a doctor’s appointment after work. ¬†Actually, it’s what we did the time we bought the new Starbucks holiday mug too. ¬†Apparently I’m the weeknight chauffeur?

I had my usual holiday drink: skinny peppermint mocha.  This time I had them put a little whipped cream on it too.  Why not?



I had a nice surprise in my box in the mailroom at school today: letters from kids.  They were thank you/Christmas letters that they had done in one of their other classes.  Some of them were really sweet!  Things like this are what make being a teacher seem worth it.

letters from kids


I went to the trainer at school today to ask about my knee. ¬†She thinks it’s a pulled hamstring and recommended laying off the stretching for a few days and taking it easy on the running. ¬†So, sadly, I’m going to skip tomorrow’s planned 3.5 mile run. ¬†She said biking was ok, so I’m planning to get up and use my indoor bike for an hour or so while watching the news, just to make sure I get some sort of cardio in. ¬†I hate missing runs, but I know that if I want it to feel better and heal I need to rest it. ¬†I also want to go for my 11 miler on Saturday (taking it slow of course) so I know I need to rest it now. ¬†I’m was planning on ballet tomorrow night too, and I think that will be ok as long as I don’t overstretch it. ¬†When it was at it’s worst a month or so ago, it hurt really bad to stretch in ballet and so obviously I stopped stretching. ¬†It started to get better. ¬†Then, I got lazy with the icing and overworked it again this past Saturday. ¬†I think I’m going to start being really diligent about icing after every long run no matter what. ¬†This isn’t just recreational running anymore – it’s marathon training!

2 more days until I’m off for 3 weeks!!! ¬†And we’re going to Solvang!!! ¬†Weeeee!!! ¬†ūüėÄ