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24 Days of Togetherness

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The other day, I was reading Carrots ‘n’ Cake and stumbled on this post about doing 24 days of togetherness with your significant other.  It’s like a personal advent calendar where you write down 24 activities to do together and pick one at random each day.  Tonight we wrote out our 24 activities.

24 days

We’re sort of cheating by making sure that we address the Christmas cards on time, but that’s ok.  I’m super excited to start tomorrow!

For dinner tonight we had eggs and oatmeal and wine.  Strange, but it worked.

And WordPress’s new photo uploader is pooping out on me, so the pictures are a fail.

Backing up to yesterday, this was my lunch at the field trip.  Grilled gruyere cheese and tomato soup.  YUM.

grilled cheese

And leftover chicken for dinner once I finally got home and showered around 8:45 pm.

chicken dinner


And with that, it’s time to veg out and get to bed on time.  I’ve got 8 miles planned for tomorrow, which is my last short long run.  In a couple months I’ll be doing 18+ on weekends and 8 miles every Wednesday!  Scary, but exciting!


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