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Field Trip Day 2

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Today I slept until the glorious hour of 6:30 after falling asleep around 11:30. I woke up once at some point, but I must have fallen right back asleep because I hardly remember being awake.

After calling my five rooms of kids to make sure they were up, I got myself ready and walked to the Carl’s Jr next door to get coffee. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but it was probably better than what the hotel had.

I had a banana I brought from home and a biscuit from the hotel’s breakfast before jumping on the bus to go to the convention center.

The day started with an introduction to the events and guest speakers. The kids in the E-Business program have created companies and they’re here to sell their virtual products. It’s an amazing way for them to learn about all areas of business.

After the speakers, I plopped at a table with a couple magazines.


It’s a great way to spend a work day 😀


Author: Melissa

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One thought on “Field Trip Day 2

  1. Your blog is so cute. You will treasure these times. I enjoyed reading it all. Drop by my kitchen for a visit anytime. Have a blessed day! You run, I walk. And we both talk about food!

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