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Thanksgiving Prep

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I was MIA yesterday.  And almost MIA today.  I’ve been dealing with a lot the last few days (I may share later, I haven’t decided yet) and so sadly blogging hasn’t really been on my mind (nothing has really been on my mind except dealing with stuff).  Today I’m doing better which is good because I had lots of Thanksgiving prep to do.

I didn’t take any pictures.  I thought about it but just didn’t feel like it.  I was making a lot of stuff and just wanted to get through it.

This year for Thanksgiving, we’re going to my parents’ house tomorrow and Mat’s parents’ on Friday.  His mom has to work tomorrow, and when that happens we celebrate on Friday.  It actually works out well for us because there’s no trying to decide where to go.  I don’t think Kathy appreciates working on a holiday, but at least we all get to spend time together.

My mom asked me to make the sweet potatoes and a pumpkin pie, and Kathy asked for a vegetable dish and a pie.  I decided to do pumpkin for that too because it just made sense.  I’m doing roasted green beans with parmesan cheese, so I cleaned and cut all the green beans and grated the parmesan today.  On Friday morning we’ll toss the beans with olive oil, salt, and pepper and then roast them at Mat’s parents’ house with the parmesan.

The sweet potatoes weren’t hard, but it was annoying to peel and cut 8 of them.  I got bored.  Once they were boiling I was happy.  After that it was a matter of using the good old hand mixer to mash them and add some cream, maple syrup, butter, etc. I mixed up the streusel topping and that will get baked at my parents’ house tomorrow.

Both pies are in the oven as we speak, and I’m finally sitting on the couch.  Considering I didn’t start all this madness until sometime around noon, and I stopped for lunch (grilled cheese – so yummy), the timing isn’t too bad.

Naturally, I had good wholesome television on to entertain myself while cooking.  My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding is totally wholesome.  As is Dr. Phil and Judge Judy.

As you can see, I enjoy stimulating my brain.



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  1. Hope everything’s ok.

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