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Christmas Shopping!

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After sleeping in this morning, Mat and I attacked the dirt and clutter.  It’s SO nice to have him home on Sundays now.  Even if we spent 2 hours cleaning, we still have the day.

Once things were clean, we headed out to get Christmas decorations.  It’s an expensive Christmas since we have virtually nothing (except some ornaments from Mat’s parents last year), but I’m excited.  It’s our first married Christmas!

Check out what we got:


Snowflake table runner, Yankee candle, candy dish, snowflake towels, tree skirt, tree stand, tree lights, ornaments and hooks, and christmas paper plates/napkins.

The table runner, candle, towels, and tree skirt all came from Home Goods and the rest was from Target.  We still need a tree topper and Christmas stockings, but I’m thinking I might try making the stockings myself.  As for the topper, I’m not sure yet.  I know we want an angel instead of a star, but I’m not sure yet where to get it.  Suggestions?

I take after my mom in the decorating department.  Not only do I love decorating for any holiday like she does (and like my Grandma did – something my mom and aunt both mentioned during her service), but I like decorating with snowflakes/snowmen because when Christmas is over and you take down the tree, you can leave the snow stuff up through January.  Not only is it fun, but it makes it not quite as depressing when you have to put all the holiday decorations away.

We also still need wrapping paper and, oh yeah, to actually DO the Christmas shopping, but I’d say we’re doing good since it isn’t quite Thanksgiving yet.

Speaking of which, I need to get organized on all the stuff I’m making.  Good thing I’m off this week!

My week off is starting with a run tomorrow morning and then lunch and shopping with my mommy.  Yay!


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One thought on “Christmas Shopping!

  1. Have fun shopping and decorating!! We are definitely getting ready to host Thanksgiving. I’m not big on decorations, though. Our turkey is thawing and we have everything we need for the foods we are doing. Thankfully our families are used to “pot luck”-type Thanksgivings!! We also washed all of our wedding china to use for the holiday (and bought bags to store it in). I am so excited to host!! I think it’s going to go well. What are you guys doing for T-day?

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