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Running and a Wedding

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This morning started with a 7:00 alarm and a pre-run snack of a graham cracker with peanut butter and pumpkin butter.

I ran 8 miles to complete week 1 of LA Marathon training. It’s funny-8 miles used to feel like nothing back when I’d run 14 miles every other Saturday no haven’t run 14 miles since before our wedding. Now that I’ve been taking it a little easier in preparation for some tough training, it feels like a decent amount. Weird how training skews your thinking about what a normal amount of exercise is. Monica was just talking about the same thing today.

When I got back, I made a protein shake since my calves had been pretty sore the whole run.


And then Oakley helped me foam roll.



She’s a very silly kitty – something I tell her frequently in a baby talk voice. I’m not ashamed.

After washing some dishes and changing the bedsheets, I ran over to my sister’s place to borrow some dress options for the wedding we’re going to tonight. I have plenty of dresses, but I don’t like re-wearing them to nice events when I’m around the same people. There’s been a lot of weddings and wedding-related events this year, so I’ve maxed out my dresses.

Amanda to the rescue!


That was a picture from right before we left. The dress and sweater are hers and the shoes and belt are mine. I think it works!

(Side note: my legs have clearly lost their summer tan. Bummer.)

Before getting ready, I finally ate lunch. Banana and peanut butter and jelly with a leftover Halloween Oreo for fun. And coffee in a red Starbucks mug. 🙂

And now we’re off to the wedding! Have a great Saturday!


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