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I’m Not a Fan of 10 Hour Work Days

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The day started at 5 am with a 5 mile run (day 2 of marathon training complete!).  I got to work at 7:30 am which is actually a little later than usual.  I ran and picked up the box of testing materials (we were giving a benchmark test today), used the little girls’ room, and got back to my room with exactly 2 minutes to spare until the bell rang for kids to go to class.  I quickly wolfed down my cottage cheese and granola, finishing as kids were coming in.

I spent the day doing my own research and work since they were taking the test and I had already planned out the next week of lessons.  It was not a strenuous day physically (at least not yet) but my brain was still on overdrive.

Then it was dance.  Before dance I ran to the activities office to fill out forms for the fundraisers and things they want to do.  I got to the dance room, went through yesterday’s ab workout minus the handstand, and taught dance.  At that point the other coach came and the kids started practicing in the auditorium while I went back to my classroom for the testing box, returned the testing box, and went back to the auditorium.

Practice went until 5:30 like every Wednesday and the dance is finally finished.  It was dark out so I felt like it was already 8:00.  I ran to Target for more Zzzquil and finally got home around 6:30.


Dinner was leftover chili and roasted Brussels sprouts and (unpictured) cornbread that I doused in honey.

And now, because I’m obviously obsessed with my cat, here she is from this morning after stealing 3 hair elastics:

This photo is also on Instagram.  I’ve now hidden all hair elastics.

And here she is tonight, sleeping behind me on the back of the couch.

I named the photo “sleepy kitty” and instantly had this song in my head.

Naturally, right after I snapped that picture on my phone the clicking noise woke her up.  I’m not sure she was too happy with me but she’ll get over it.  That’s how cats are.

Two more days and then a week off from work.  SO EXCITED.


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