Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

Meet Oakley!


We have a kitty!


She is not impressed.

As I sit here typing this she’s on the couch with me examining the laptop.  I have to admit, I never thought I’d welcome a cat so quickly.  But she’s really sweet and affectionate and loves attention.  It’s almost doglike – that’s my kind of cat! 🙂



Look at those paws!

She totally has kitty thumbs.  It’s kind of awesome.

I like being a fur-mama to a fur-baby.  Fur-baby #1 anyway.  Fur-baby #2 will be the Corgi named Riley that we’ll get as soon as we have a house.  Technically we should wait until summer when I’m off and have time to deal with doggy training, but if we get a house before that I can definitely see myself not wanting to wait.

Anyways, there will probably be way too many pictures of the cat (and the dog when we get it) on the blog, so I’ll switch to dinner.

We kept it simple with Boca Burgers on sandwich thins and barbecue ranch salad.


Yes, I still eat a lot of salad.  And I eat a lot of ketchup.  Thanks Steph!  😀

I’m debating the pumpkin spice cake balls.  We still have some in our fridge.  I meant to eat one last night and then ended up eating two.  Doh!  I’m also planning a running break this weekend since LA Marathon training officially starts on Tuesday and we’re going to San Diego for the night on Sunday.  I guess that means I should stop eating unnecessary things?

It means I should.  Doesn’t mean I will.  🙂



Author: Melissa

Getting healthy - mind, body, and soul.

2 thoughts on “Meet Oakley!

  1. From one fur-mama to another, post as many darn pictures as you want! 😀 Welcome home Oakley!!

  2. Oh my cuteness! Being a fur-mama is lots of fun (although officially, my daughter has decided I’m the fur-GRANDMA and she’s the mama…not sure how I feel about being a grandma at 40, especially since she’s 9 😉 )

    Anyway, congrats on the kitty ownership!

    And, thanks for the training inspiration you provide with your posts…I’ve been in lazy, eat whatever mode, but your training and meal posts are encouraging me to get of my butt 😀

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