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No Kitty Today :(

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We were supposed to get Oakley today.  However, it didn’t work out.  She was supposed to go with Amy to her vet to get shots and all that, but apparently when Amy tried to get her this morning, she saw the box and ran away and hid.

She’s such a cat.

So, Amy brought the shots and claw caps home from the vet tonight and Mat’s mom is going to bring her down tomorrow.  It’s still earlier than the originally Saturday, but I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to see her when I got home from work today!  Oh well, what can you do?  In a way it was probably better because when I got home we went straight to vote and then had to get home and get dinner and all that.

Speaking of dinner…

Leftover spaghetti!


Plain old spaghetti is one of my favorite things.  This one was dressed up with nutritional yeast as well as a can of diced tomatoes.  I’m glad I decided to throw the tomatoes in because it made the sauce just a little bit thicker and covered the pasta better.

Man, I eat a lot of salad.  I must have been a rabbit in another life.

And now to round out the evening, another picture (a bit blurry) of our kitty on the scratching post Mat’s mom got for us/her.


I’ve been talking about the cat a lot lately, and this is probably a good indication that I will begin posting way too many pictures of the cat.  Get excited!  😀

What’s your pet of choice?


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One thought on “No Kitty Today :(

  1. My cat LOVES his cat taxi. I like to leave it out and open so that he’s not afraid of it. When it get it out at first he goes straight in!! 🙂

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