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It’s a Never-Ending Work Day

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Today was a modified day, which means that the kids were done at 1 pm and we had meetings until 3:15 pm.  On days like this, my other coach handles practice and we all get to go home by 3:30 or so.

Today, however, I have to go back to school at 5:30 for yet another fundraiser.

Can you tell I’m less than thrilled?

Ordinarily, something like this would just be an inconvenience.  But right now, after having fundraisers last Wednesday AND Thursday, and after dealing with so. much. stuff, it’s more than just an inconvenience.

So yeah, I’m annoyed.  I don’t really want to go back to school from 5:30 until 8.  I already haven’t been sleeping all that great even with the Zzzquil last night.

But we might be getting our kitty tomorrow!  And if not tomorrow then Wednesday.  🙂  I’m actually really excited.  Yeah, I might be more of a dog person, but how can you not adore this little face?


I’m gonna be a fur-mama!  😀


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One thought on “It’s a Never-Ending Work Day

  1. Ugh, I hate those days! Hope you get some sleep tonight, have you looked into Melatonin? It’s supposed to be more natural sleep-aid and non-habit forming. I hate the groggy feeling I can’t shake from some meds and the Melatonin seems to be gentler on the system, although nothing beats a good Nyquil knockout sometimes 😀 Hope you find something that helps!! Love the kitty, it looks like she has kitty thumbs, LOL!

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