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More New Things

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The other new thing besides the fantastic news I shared earlier?  We’re getting a kitty!


Isn’t she cute?

Her name is Oakley, and she’s actually Mat’s brother Zach’s cat.  He’s been out of state for several months doing training for his new job, and he’s coming back at the end of November.  When he and his girlfriend Amy find a new place to live, they can’t take both the cat and Amy’s dog Perris.

When we were at my in-law’s last night for my father-in-law’s birthday, and the topic of having to take Oakley to a shelter came up.  They hadn’t thought of anyone yet who could take the cat.  Then suddenly both Kathy (mom-in-law) and Nicole (sis-in-law) were looking at Mat and I with that look on their faces.  🙂

Normally, I’m not a cat person.  I had bad experiences as a kid with the neighbor’s cat scratching me and have been nervous around most cats ever since.  But, Oakley is a good cat so I think I’ll adjust just fine.  Kathy is bringing her down on Wednesday.  I’m excited!  We can’t get a dog yet because of where we live but now we’ll have a pet anyway!

Thank goodness cats are low-maintenance.  I don’t think I could handle it right now if they weren’t.

In other news, today I ran to Target and bought this:


I still haven’t been sleeping very well (more anxiety last night) so I’m hoping this will help until my brain settles down.

Which means that since it’s 9 pm I need to go take it and get to bed.  I can’t believe tomorrow is already Monday again.


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