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Sometimes I Think I’m Crazy

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After several days of not getting enough sleep, we went to CrossFit last night.  Then I woke up this morning (after finally getting a fairly normal night’s sleep FINALLY) and ran 8 miles.

I think I’m crazy.

I knew I was going to take it easy, and take it easy I did.  I just kept a nice steady pace and made it through the 8 miles in a reasonable amount of time.  I got home and stretched, foam rolled, had a protein shake, and did my usual cleaning.  I finally got around to eating a real meal around 1 pm.  I had my usual overnight oats and fruit with iced coffee on the side.

After eating I worked on a guest post and some other blog things.  Tonight we’re going to my in-laws house to celebrate my father in-law’s birthday.  And then after that?  We get to set the clocks back an hour and get extra sleep!  It’s seriously one of my favorite Saturdays of the entire year.  Is that weird?

Have a good Saturday everyone!


Author: Melissa

Getting healthy - mind, body, and soul.

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