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My Oregon Foodie Penpal

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This month, I participated in the foodie penpal program that Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean runs.  I first heard about it from an email announcement from Healthy Living Blogs.  Basically, you sign up on Lindsay’s site and you’re paired with someone else in the US (or Canada, or the UK, if that’s where you live).  She sends out a massive spreadsheet listing the person you’re sending a foodie gift to.  You receive a foodie gift from from a completely different person which means that you get to meet two new bloggers.  There’s a $15 limit so you’re not spending tons of money.  I think it’s an awesome concept and was so excited to participate!  Here’s a rundown of what I got and who I got it from.  🙂

I received my box from Sarah at Will Run For Pasta.  She sent some awesomely yummy things from Oregon for me to try.  Here’s  what was in the box:


Everything except the peanut butter was direct from Oregon.  I’m not gonna lie, the peanut butter was the first thing I saw and my jaw dropped to the floor.  Or actually the couch because I was sitting on it while opening the box, but whatever.  Same thing.

The peanut butter was the first thing I tried and OMG.  Delicious.  I told my husband he had to stay away from it which resulted in pouting.  We’re both peanut butter fiends – we go through a Costco sized jar almost every week.  So far I don’t think he’s had any of it except once to taste.  I’ve been eating it pretty slowly too because I want it to last.  I’ve had it with apples, muffins, and smeared on a little piece of bread as a post run snack.  It’s amazing.  I have big plans for some delicious overnight oats when the jar is almost empty.  🙂

Ok, so on to that sea salt caramel thing.  Another OMG. Delicious.  I took a bite and I think my eyes rolled back in my head.  It was tons of caramel which I adore.  I had a couple, as did Mat, and have been slowly eating the rest.

Fruit bars?  Always delicious.  I love when you can’t tell that something is gluten free and it tastes the same as anything else.  Mat is more of a tea drinker than I am, but I certainly enjoy a nice cup of tea to relax me.

Oh yeah, and Harry and David jam?  Um, yes please!  I love me some Harry and David anything!

One of the best things about the foodie penpal program, besides having a foodie present, is the chance to meet more people.  From meeting Sarah and reading her blog, I discovered Online Blog Con and was able to sign up in the nick of time before registration ended.  As you can see from my sidebar, I attended!  I learned SO much. So much that I can’t even imagine how to review it properly.  I still haven’t had a lot of time to really put what I learned to use.  Having a full time job that keeps me away from home from 7 am until sometimes 6 pm makes it hard to devote as much time as I’d like to my blog.  But, slowly but surely wins the race, right?

So in short, if you’ve never heard of Lindsay’s foodie penpal program, go check it out!  And sign up!  You don’t have to write your own blog to participate either; you can be a blog reader.  It’s super fun and a great way to network and meet other like-minded individuals.  Go for it!


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