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Halloween Candy

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“What is your favourite Halloween candy to receive?”

This is a post from NaBloPoMo that I can write because I love chocolate.  I don’t receive Halloween candy anymore of course because I’m not a kid, but I will say that there are many types of candy that I love.  Give me Reese’s, Snickers, Milky Way (especially dark OMG), or Twix and I’m a happy girl.  The other day at Target Mat and I totally bought Halloween candy even though we probably won’t be getting any trick or treaters in our complex.


That’s just a small sample of the candy we have.  I may take some to school later this week.  Or not.  It’s entirely possible that we’ll end up eating all of the candy ourselves over the next (hopefully) several months.

I really don’t eat candy like this at all, but every once and a while I really enjoy it.  It’s not surprising that the craving strikes around Halloween.  🙂  As long as I don’t go too crazy, bring on the candy!

Mmmm sugar high!!!!  😀


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