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CrossFit #3

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Tonight was our third CrossFit class.  It involved push ups.  These are not my friend.  My left shoulder was more sore when I woke up today than it was yesterday (from the thrusters on Wednesday), so I was kind of scared of making it through the push ups.  We both saw the workout this morning before work, and while I was worried for the push up portion, overall I was relieved to see that it was things I could probably (hopefully) do.

We started with an easy-paced warm up that involved a 400 m row, some walking lunges with stretching, learning how to lie in the “home” position of dead bug, and learning how to do Turkish get ups.  Those are weird and awkward with a kettlebell, but I think I start to get the hang of it by the end.  Then it was time for the WOD.


400 m run

5 rounds:

8 box jumps 20″

16 OH walking lunges 25

24 push ups (hand release)

400 m run

That’s the work out I did which was the RX workout.  I was pretty proud of myself for getting through that since the last two days I was doing level 1!  To break it down, we did a 400 m run at the beginning, and then did the box jumps/lunges/push ups portion 5 times in a row.  We ended with another 400 m run.  I did the box jumps with a 20″ high box, the walking lunges holding 25 pounds overhead, and died through did the push ups as best I could.  Upper body strength, especially push ups, is NOT my thing at all.  I haven’t done push ups in over a year since I did the Insanity program.   There were times when I honestly didn’t think I’d make it though, but then suddenly I was on the 5th round.  I finished second to last in our class of 5, and it was all because of the push ups.  The rest of it I could do fine and didn’t get too tired.  The final run was a wonderful thing.  It felt so GOOD to run after all that!

I finished in 20:24, only a minute or so after Mat.  Not bad for my third class!

Oh, hand release push ups basically means you have to lower your body all the way to the floor and lift your hands off the ground.  It ensures that you actually make it all the way to the ground.  I didn’t think it would be that bad, but yikes!

After CrossFit, we went to Costco to get pizza for dinner.  So healthy, I know.  We had a protein shake waiting on ice in the car so we could refuel immediately afterward.  I’m so glad we thought of that – my body has really been thanking me lately for feeding it right away after a workout.  Why haven’t I done that before?



I’m not ashamed to admit that I had a second piece of pizza.  And a couple of Mat’s crust.

What?  I worked out a lot today.  And all week.  I’m a hungry girl!

On a side note, I have the best. husband. ever.  Because he works at Trader Joe’s he always gets the groceries.  Today, after work and getting those groceries, he went to Costco and got a ton of stuff we’re running out of.  On top of that?  He bought me flowers!

Seriously.  Best husband ever.  I can’t wait to FINALLY have our date night tomorrow!



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