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Perfect Running Weather

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After the field trip yesterday, I managed to get up at 6:30 this morning.  The Weather Channel app told me it was going to be in the low 60s this morning, so I figured there was no need to get up stupid early.  Thank God.

So I got myself ready and all that good stuff, not bothering to eat a snack because I had pizza for dinner and was only planning 8 miles. I did down some water though since I felt rather dehydrated.

Then I headed outside to discover some lovely overcast and drizzly weather.  It stayed that way the entire 8 miles, and I felt pretty good the entire time minus a little bit of calf tightness.  When I got back it was still lovely and overcast and drizzly.


Since I’ve been reading lately how you’re supposed to, you know, actually eat something as soon as possible after a run so your muscles can recover quickly, and since I knew I wanted to get some cleaning done before my shower, I made a small protein shake with milk and protein powder and gave it a quick blend with the stick blender to froth it up.


I also rolled out my legs after my run.  I’m hoping that between the shake and the rolling I won’t be super sore and won’t be too tired on Monday.

Then I cleaned.  So exciting.

And finally ate real food.  Fruit (sort of started chowing before I took the picture), peanut butter and jelly (totally had a craving for my go-to post running meal of last year), and iced coffee with milk and Hershey’s (duh).




I’m getting my hair done today.  As in roots.  Finally.  For the last three weeks my hair has looked dirty and nasty immediately after  shower because of the lovely dark roots showing through.  And when you teach high school you get comments.  It’s good times.  So yeah.  Hair is begin done today.  Just in the nick of time!  Ha.

But getting my hair done means leaving in 25 minutes and my face is devoid of makeup.  The combination of inch long dark roots and no makeup on a face that’s recovering from the once monthly breakout is just not cool.  So I’m going to go remedy that.  And then remedy the roots.  Or pay someone to do it anyway.

Woo Saturday!



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