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Climbing the Ropes

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Today I got to go on a field trip. The academy students at school went up to the mountains, just above Crestline, for a day of team-building activities and a ropes course. If never chaperoned this trip and was excited for the opportunity. Plus, even though I got home late (8 pm), it didn’t fill like a work day. Double win!

It was definitely beautiful up there.



One of the trees in the ropes course was called the centurion (which is funny because that’s our school’s mascot). It’s HIGH.

Once you climb all the way up, you have to jump off the platform and catch a trapeze. A couple of the kids made it!

Another challenge was called the flying squirrel. Basically you’re attached to a rope that goes up through a pulley and then comes back down through another pulley attached to a tree. It’s then connected to several other people who run down the hill a bit and essentially catapult you into the air. The kids kept bugging me to do it, so I finally gave in. I only have the video of it and don’t have the capability to post video yet. But let me tell you, it was fun! And I’m sure my students, current and former, loved seeing (and launching in the air) their teacher. Especially since I’m little and apparently caught serious air.

Lunch was pretty healthy. I hit up the salad bar and also had a bag of (unpictured) SunChips.


When I finally got home, Mat and I had salad, leftover pizza we had frozen a couple weeks ago, and red wine. I also dug into the chocolate cake from the bowl.

Now it’s off to bed so I can get up and run. I’m thinking just 8 miles – trying to keep my body a bit more rested for a while before marathon training kicks in. And we’re starting CrossFit next week!

Side note: so excited for Online Blog Con next week! And, I won the Starbucks giveaway on the participant Facebook page. Woohoo!


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