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A Squashy Day

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Actually it was a half squash/half gourd day.

For lunch today I had leftover butternut squash skillet.  Omg delicious.  I was in heaven eating my lunch today.  Even though I had to scarf it down.  It didn’t matter.  Heaven, I tell you.  Heaven.


I probably had a much bigger lunch than necessary today because I stuffed that container full last night.  I had an apple too.  But in my defense, I’ve been thinking that I need to eat more.  In the smarter way, of course.  Not in the let’s go gorge on loads of chocolate every day way.  Though I wouldn’t be opposed to that either.

To be a good little girl and make up for the bigger than usual lunch I didn’t have a snack this afternoon.  I also just wasn’t very hungry since I’d eaten lunch later than usual.

Dinner was where the gourd came in.  Leftover birthday pumpkin pasta.


Mat took this picture for me as part of today’s @fitmixer Instagram challenge.  The topic was “your perspective” so he took a picture over my shoulder to show my perspective of sitting at the table.  Creative, no?

And yes, I regularly eat that much salad.  Don’t judge me.

Mat is a slave to his computer suddenly because his teammates in the class he’s currently taking are dumb and aren’t doing their part.  I’m hoping he can tear himself away soon so we can have leftover cake and watch tv and basically be slugs.  Then I want to sleep.

I know, so exciting.

In other news, you should go here and look for my side link “Kolbeck’s Motivational Ideas.”  It’s me!


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