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Short Long Run

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Sounds weird, right?  I decided yesterday not to do an actual long run.  After my long day on Friday I really needed to sleep in a bit, and I’m also trying to make a conscious effort this week to give my body a break.  I ran 3.5 miles on Wednesday and decided to just do 5 yesterday.  Then this next week I’ll get back to normal.

I also needed time to get ready for Kelly’s wedding (post to come!) and just didn’t want the stress or pressure.  I felt a bit guilty, especially because between birthday festivities and a wedding I have been and will be eating more than usual, but I’m trying to shake the guilt.  It’s the dancer brain that still takes over.  :-/

To keep myself feeling full for a while before the wedding, I made a batch of high protein pumpkin breakfast quinoa.  I used chocolate protein powder because we didn’t have vanilla.  I thought I was going to fall in love with this since it’s pumpkin, but honestly, I didn’t.  I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t stir it as much as I should have or because I didn’t use a super ripe banana or because chocolate protein powder really just isn’t a good option or what.  It wasn’t bad, but the quinoa wasn’t quite as soft as I like and there was more banana taste than pumpkin.  I’m sure if I adjust it a bit and actually stir constantly like I’m supposed to it will be better.


I had some strawberries too:


I multitasked by working on the long day blog post that I still didn’t finish, doing my make up, talking to my sister, and doing my nails.  Then before I knew it we were leaving for Kelly’s wedding!  Post and lots of pictures to come!


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