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An Early Birthday Surprise

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Friday was a LONG day.  I meant to post this that night from my phone, but never got a chance.  Then I meant to post it yesterday, but time got away from me as I was getting ready for Kelly’s wedding and I never finished.  So here we go again.  Third time’s the charm, right?

So Friday.  It was long.  It started by getting to school at 6 am to help the kids get ready for the pep rally.  I did 16 buns after one of the girls did 16 french braids.  There was music, breakfast food, and lots of makeup and chatter.

The morning started off pretty awesome because the girls surprised me with a cake (that one of them made – OMG it was delicious!), an adorable shirt, and a poster.



The assemblies both went really well.  Some of my math students even surprised me with a huge poster after the first assembly and sang to me.



When I finally got back to 3rd period, the kids had written happy birthday messages all over my board.


Then if that wasn’t enough, my dance kids surprised me again.  They were supposed to go to my classroom 6th period to just chill but no one showed up.  I honestly didn’t think much of it because I figured they were tired and walking slow (and dance is a different kind of class as far as being late).  Then another teacher called me and said that one of the girls had hurt her knee.  She said I should come to the dance room.  Obviously, I’m concerned, but then as I was walking over there I realized that something must be up.

Something was definitely up!  Surprise pizza party for Mrs. Kolbeck!


I seriously have the best dance kids.  They made my day awesome and planned all of this stuff for me despite it being a super long day for them too.  This wasn’t even the end of the day; we still had the football game!

They did great at the game too.  They were so fired up, and Century was *this close* to winning.  But at the last minute the other team scored and there was no way they could catch up.

They still had fun though:


As fun as the day was though, I’m not gonna lie – I was POOPED by the end. After we got back to school on the bus and everyone was picked up, I finally got to go home.  I got home just after 10:30, had a snack, and watch an episode of Boy Meets World.  Even though I was super tired, I had to unwind.  I couldn’t go straight to bed.  I think that’s pretty normal, right?

So there we go.  Two days late, but finally a recap of Friday!


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