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Plastic Surgery

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“Do you plan to do plastic surgery or botox to cover up the effects of aging?”

This is the easiest topic yet.

Answer: no.

Honestly, the only time I think plastic surgery or botox is a reasonable idea is if it’s for reconstruction (such as with breast cancer), for people who have been severely burned or injured, or for people who have lost a lot of weight and now have a lot of excess skin.

The breast cancer reason is obvious I think.  The injury reason is pretty obvious too.  Obviously these people deserve to feel as normal as possible, and we all know that how you look has a big effect on self-esteem.  However, even in these cases, people can go too far with surgery.  Have surgery to take you back to as much of yourself as possible, and then stop.

The weight loss reason?  I figure that if someone worked really hard to lose weight and keep it off and has changed their lifestyle for the better, why not get rid of all that skin?  It’s kinda hard to show off your body if you’re embarrassed by loose skin flapping everywhere.  If you have the means for plastic surgery and understand the risks, have at it!  Show off your awesome self!

But to have plastic surgery just because you’re unhappy with something God gave you?  Stupid.

The end.


Author: Melissa

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