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You Can’t Have a Bad Day When There’s a Rainbow!

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You can’t have a bad day when there’s a rainbow in the morning!


Isn’t that just gorgeous?  I was a total dork and took photos of it from my car at stoplights.  Then I got to school and took more after I parked.  I even took a video of it but I can’t post it here (video because I couldn’t fit the entire thing in one picture).

I’ve never seen such vibrant colors in a rainbow before.  The sun was out behind me and the rainbow was on a background of dark clouds.  It was amazing.  My heart felt so light and happy, just from seeing a rainbow.  It reminded me of the story in the Bible after the flood where God uses a rainbow to promise the people that He will never flood the earth again.  A rainbow is a sign of God’s promise, and that was definitely how I was feeling this morning.

The day went pretty smoothly.  My post-observation meeting went well and my evaluation is good (I won’t have another one for TWO years – yay for tenure!).  Practice went well and we’re all set for our (LONG) day tomorrow with performing.

Ballet tonight and comfort food for dinner!  Woohoo!


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