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Overcoming the ballet body image.

Dance Pants

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The dance pants arrived today.  The kids were SO excited.  There was a lot of screaming and giggling and one girl even cried because she was so happy.  If you’re wondering why they were so happy to have pants, it’s because the girls from last year’s team never got sweats even though it had been in the plan.  To actually have sweats by October thrills them to pieces.  I was thanked and hugged and bear-hugged several times.  It was awesome to see them so happy.

The pants (yes, I bought myself a pair.  I couldn’t resist):

Our jackets aren’t in yet because they’re personalized and so are taking longer.  But I’ll be sure to post a picture when they’re here!


Breakfast today was finally different!  Two hard-boiled eggs and two pumpkin muffins.

Yeah, it’s a picture of one muffin, but somehow I feel less gluttonous even though I already admitted to eating two.  🙂
Lunch was the same as yesterday: pb&j and half a honey crisp apple.  Nothing special, but still yummy.
Dinner was leftovers from last night.  I swear I’m in love with this butternut squash recipe.
In other news, I’m hoping to start writing for Dirty and Thirty.  Stay tuned!

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