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Overcoming the ballet body image.

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“If the figurative oxygen mask of life were to drop, would you put on your own first or assist others?”

This question depends entirely on the situation.  If I was in an airplane and there was an emergency, I’d put my own mask on first and then help others because that’s what they tell you to do.

If you take it out of the literal, it still depends on the situation.  I think that in matters of safety, you should never compromise your own safety.  You might be needed elsewhere and if you’re hurt, you won’t be able to do whatever it is you need to do.  But then, depending on where you are or the circumstances, helping yourself out first could be conceived as incredibly selfish.  The selfless thing to do, of course, is to put others first.

Basically, I’m stuck on this one.  There are too many variables.  Too many “it depends.”  I think that overall I’d probably help someone else first, but it depends.

See?  I’m stuck.  What would you do?  (Can you answer this more concretely than me?)


Author: Melissa

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