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Overcoming the ballet body image.

The Day After

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Today I woke up a bit sore.  Oddly enough, my back and arms are more sore than my legs.  I have some tightness in my hamstrings but that’s pretty much it.  I’ve taken a total exercise hiatus today (which is hard for me) but I know I need it.  I’m not planning to run again until Wednesday or Thursday, and I might not even do it then.  I’ll probably take a walk tomorrow morning just to get moving, and then probably have Mat show me some upper body weights things tomorrow afternoon.  I need to keep up with my exercise, but body and brain need a running break.

So onto the topic of running.  The LA Marathon.  I don’t know.  Should I do it?  I want to do it.  But I’m scared.  Yesterday kicked my butt.  I do think the course was harder on us because there was so much concrete and so little asphalt (and no stop lights to rest at like while training).  But still.  For a half to kick my butt when I’m so used to running halts?  Sheesh, not good.

But I still want to.  I probably will.  Training will undoubtedly kick my butt too, but I just have to remember what an amazing accomplishment it will be to finish a full marathon.  And as someone who was a ballet dancer through and through until a year ago, that’s saying a lot.

I have to go back to school tonight for a pep assembly rehearsal.  The assembly isn’t until Friday, but the rehearsal was scheduled for tonight.  I’m not thrilled about this, especially since I got out of work earlier than usual, but it did give me time to make these:



There are the pumpkin oatmeal muffins from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers!  When I stumbled on the recipe I HAD to make them because I adore all things pumpkin.  Since I was already planning to make muffins for Friday morning (we’re getting to school EARLY for the pep assembly) I figured this was the perfect recipe.

I haven’t tried one yet, but the batter was delicious!  Thanks Peanut Butter Fingers!  😀


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