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I Didn’t Run Today

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It felt really strange, yet also nice, to wake up when my body wanted to on a Saturday and NOT go for a run.  I’m not being lazy though.  My body needed the rest.  Plus, the real reason for not running today is tomorrow is the Long Beach Half Marathon!

Mat and I went to the expo yesterday with Amanda and Conor.  Amanda is running the 5k with my mom as Mat, my dad, and I run the half.  I didn’t try taking pictures – it was crowded and hard enough to not lose track of each other as we walked around.  We picked up our bibs and shirts and took advantage of the free samples.  I swear, it’s one of my favorite things at the expos.  I love free food!

I also bought a new BicBand.  Isn’t it cute!?


We don’t have a dog (yet) but I couldn’t resist the cute little footprints.  And, I just realized (literally, as I was typing) it matches perfectly with an old Kappa sweatshirt I have.  I’ll have to pair them together and be all doggy obsessed.  🙂

I also have been putting M & M (or M + M, it varies) on my bibs.  I did that with my first race (Long Beach) last year and it’s stuck.  I think Mat has done it on his too.


I really like the shirts this year!  Queen Mary on the front and “make your footprint” on the back!


The OC Marathon booth was there offering $5 off registration and waiving the online fee.  Even though we just registered for Surf City and will have to pay that off soon, it made sense to just register for this one too since it was so much cheaper.  Plus, the credit card won’t actually be charged for at least a week, so it will go on the next month’s bill and won’t be a big deal.

Another perk of registering for it at the expo?  A free shirt!


It’s the shirt from the 2011 race which I didn’t run.  Generally it bugs me to have a shirt from something I didn’t actually participate it because you don’t have that pride in finishing it, but for the sake of another bumming around the house or running shirt?  I’ll take it!

So now all that’s left is making the final decision on the LA Marathon.  I’ve got the Surf City Half Feb 3rd and the OC Half May 5th.  LA is March 17th.  I purposely didn’t even contemplate doing the full for Surf City or OC because I know if I decide to do the LA Marathon that would be the only full I could handle.  Plus I’m also contemplating the LA/SF Challenge.  I found out that you can do the half in SF and have it still count, but I’d almost want to just go for the full (I say this now, before I’ve even done one) because I’d get to see so much of the city.

I still have time to think.  A few days anyway – I want to register soon so it’s done.

Now onto food!

Breakfast was cereal and iced coffee with milk and Hershey’s.



Yes, that bowl of cereal is overflowed.  Yes, it’s sitting on a paper towel.  I knocked out all my chores this morning right after I woke up and didn’t want to get anything on the coffee table.  Yes, the coffee table.  I’m sort of ghetto when I eat breakfast on my own.  I park my butt on the couch in front of the tube and check email while I eat.

The rest of the day?  Mat gets off at noon and then we’re planning to just BE.  For the first time in weeks we don’t have to go anywhere.  We’ll make something yummy and comforting and filling for dinner and go to bed early.  After the race tomorrow we’ll have all day together too.  It’s almost unreal!


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