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Do You Tend to Cover Up Your Failings or Admit Your Mistakes?

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NaBloPoMo day 5. This is an interesting topic for me that hits sort of close to home.

I’d like to think that I admit my mistakes. I sure do try to. I’m one of those people who will apologize for the silliest things. Even if I never meant to hurt someone’s feelings but I find out it happened, I feel terrible and have to apologize. Sometimes incessantly. I need to talk things out. I need to see the other side because it helps me understand what I did that was wrong.

On another note, if you’re the type who tries to own up to what they do, it can be pretty frustrating when other people don’t. I guess you have to learn to let it go.

Have you ever been in a situation like that? Have you ever realized later that YOU screwed up? What did you do?


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