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I’ll Never Wear a Skirt to Work Again

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This is why I don’t wear skirts to work. I haven’t worn a skirt in well over a year. I only did today because tonight is Back to School Night and I figured I should look nice for parents.

Then I had the same comment I’ve gotten from kids before.

“You have big calves.”

It may just be a kid, but it makes me want to curl into a ball and cry.

I mean, if kids who have less of a filter than adults say it, then how do I know that everyone else I encounter isn’t thinking it?

I hate my calves. I already don’t fit into boots because of them. It’s a horribly sore subject. I’ll never wear a skirt to work again.


On the bright side, I had a more interesting lunch today.


Leftover veggie spaghetti. I also had an apple but it wasn’t very good so I ate as much as I could and threw it out. I don’t know what’s been up with our apples lately but they’ve all been borderline mealy. And they are NOT red delicious. Those things are nasty.

And with that, lunch is over as soon as it started. 8 more hours to go…


Author: Melissa

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One thought on “I’ll Never Wear a Skirt to Work Again

  1. I wouldn’t stress about your calves, your body is just right for you. Besides, you dance and therefore powerful legs are expected. Just look at it as your strength, not your weakness!

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