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BTSN, Not to Be Confused with BTSA


Education is full of acronyms. PTA, IEP, SST, AP, CST, CAHSEE…the list goes on and on. BTSA is that lovely thing I finished last year (you can read about it here, here, here, here, and here.

BTSN is Back to School Night. It’s not the easiest or most pleasant day (I was at school for 13 hours) but its easier than BTSA because its only one day (BTSA was 2 years).

So how did it go? Pretty well I think. In any case it’s behind me. The dance kids performed for the parents along with some other student groups before the actual classroom visits started. Then it was 90 minutes of hanging out in my room waiting for parents to come. One of my dance students (who is also in my 2nd period math class) helped translate for me. This is a big help since otherwise the parents either look at me like I’m crazy or they don’t say anything.

But now it’s done. Tomorrow we’re out at 1 (even teachers!!) and I’m giving a quiz. Thank goodness for that!

We are the king and queen of leftovers this week. Tonight was the last of the chili and cornbread but with roasted veggies instead of salad. I LOVE salad but sometimes you gotta switch it up!

And with that, it’s time for bed. Getting home after 8, getting up at 5 tomorrow, and Mat working super early again does not a good combination make.


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2 thoughts on “BTSN, Not to Be Confused with BTSA

  1. UGGGGHHHHH!!!! I am super jealous of your BTSN. First of all, we have to have the parents come around according to the bells. We have to talk the straight 10 minutes or else the parents harass us with questions about their kids. Then, our next day is a FULL day. Ugh. I’ve been saying since year one that the following day should be minimum.

    HAVE FUN!!!! You deserve a good break. 🙂 You don’t have Columbus Day off on Monday, too, do you?

    • In the past it’s been on a Wednesday so we had to wait until Friday for out short day. It was supposed to be that way this year too (last Wed) but they changed it because of a holiday. Works for me – I’m definitely slow this morning!

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