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A Strange Morning Run


This morning I woke up a few minutes before 4 because Mat left for work. I couldn’t really fall back asleep but instead just dozed for a while and kept looking at the clock. My alarm was set for 5 and I debated getting up early and getting a head start on my run but my bed was too comfy. I ended up getting out of bed around 4:55.

I started my run and felt tired and stiff. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to do any fartleks this morning so I told myself to just keep a steady pace and get through it.

Then, about halfway through, I found my mind wandering like it always used to back when I first started running. The tiredness and stiffness were gone. When I realized it, I was pretty darn excited. I still wanted to just get through the run, but at least my body wasn’t yelling at me anymore.

And on that note of just getting through it, I’m really tired of it. Is it because it’s a work day? I’m not sure because even on Saturdays I’ve been like that (then again my Saturdays have been busy lately) and in the summer I was like that too (but then again summer was hot). So has it just been one legitimate thing after another that’s affected me? Or is there something else wrong? I need to find a way to change my outlook, especially since I’m strongly considering the LA Marathon and now am even toying with doing the LA/SF Marathon challenge. It’s annoying – in the morning I’m totally exhausted and unmotivated but in the afternoon I’m all up for it.

And speaking of exhausted, OMG can we talk about this please? How many teachers are reading this? Are you pooped? I’m pooped.


Anyways, things like chili for dinner keep my rather motivated all day. Tonight’s dinner was leftover sweet potato chili, salad, and cornbread. Yummy in my tummy!




Speaking of yummy in my tummy, now I want chocolate. This tends to happen when I’m tired, stress, or exhausted. I just remember that there are chocolate chip lava cookies in the freezer as well as vanilla bean ice cream. This is bad…

Chocolate or no chocolate, it’s time for tv. We’re almost to the end of Battlestar Galactica – yes I’m a self-professed nerd now (thanks to my husband). I need some relaxation tonight since tomorrow is Back to School Night. Dance Production is performing…eeps!



Author: Melissa

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3 thoughts on “A Strange Morning Run

  1. I am a teacher reading this. I am surviving. But I did decide to take a sub day this month. There’s no way. I hate that we have like 10-11 straight 5-day weeks of school right at the beginning. I just have to figure it out in my schedule. It looks like October 26th will be the day. 🙂 I am looking forward to it.

    I’m sorry your runs are uncomfortable/not satisfying. I know you love being into it, and it’s hard to do something that your brain doesn’t really want. 😦 I hope you can figure it out. Maybe it’s normal. Maybe a lot of people really don’t like it as much as they say they do? Maybe it’s because it’s the morning still? Maybe this afternoon you will think “I really did actually enjoy my run today!”. Good luck.

    And good luck at BTSN. Ugh, so glad ours was last week. But that was a LOOOOONG day. I didn’t get home til 9.

  2. Never be afraid to take a sub day. I used to think I would save them up for maternity leave, but as it turns out, my district takes the sick days first and then whatever is left for your maternity leave is all you get. The sick days don’t add on. How sick is that? 😦

    So get a sub and stay the hell home!! Preferably on one of Matt’s off days?

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