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On Air With Ryan

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I used to listen to KIIS fm every morning.  Ryan Seacrest and Ellen K cracked me up, and the music was trendy.  Then, about a year ago, I switched over to Go Country in the morning.  I was tired of the trendy music.

Then recently I started listening to KIIS again.  Not for the music, but because the talk show parts of it are hilarious.  Ryan Seacrest, whatever your opinion of him, is pretty hysterical at times.

This morning, he announced that KIIS had set up an Instagram for On Air With Ryan Seacrest.  He prompted listeners to post a photo of their “morning face” along with @onairwithryan and #morningface.

I totally did it.  Here’s my picture:


Hilarious, right?  I thought so.  🙂

Work lately has been more taxing.  I’m not sure why.  This blog, @fitmixer’s photo of the day, and silly Instagram things like this are what keep my going (besides my amazing husband, of course  🙂 ).

What keeps you going throughout your day?


Dinner was leftover spaghetti from the other night.  And salad.  And garlic toast




And now it’s time for some couch and tv time.  Have a good Tuesday night!


Author: Melissa

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One thought on “On Air With Ryan

  1. Hey I found your blog through skinny runner, you posted a comment. I love Ryan Seacrest, I don’t care what people say about him. He’s witty and quick with the come backs. Most of the time I think, wow how did he come up with that that fast. So I’m with you on the KIIS Ryan Seacrest train/band wagon.

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