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Misty and P.K.’s Wedding

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Remember yesterday when I talked about how excited I was to go to a wedding?  Weddings never disappoint.  This one was in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, right near Encinitas (northern San Diego).  It was only about an hour from home.  Misty and P.K. had their wedding by the pool/clubhouse in their housing community.  They bought a house together in Cardiff and decided to get married at home.

I don’t blame them – check out that view!



Before the wedding started, we made sure to get some pictures of come of the cute decor they had.





Soon it was time for the bride to walk down the aisle!


The ceremony was performed by Misty’s brother, which made it extra special.


You may kiss the bride!



Then it was time for cocktail hour over by the koi pond.  I was much more into pictures of people and the event that food last night.  And I’m not gonna lie, some of these pictures were taken by my mom-in-law or others and I stole them from Facebook.  🙂


I called this picture siblings even though only 2 are siblings.  We’re all siblings by marriage, right?  (From left: Ryan (Nicole’s husband) Nicole (Mat’s sister), Me, Mat)

We eventually headed back to the ceremony area for dinner.  There was a “backyard wedding” feel to it – there were several food stations that had difference kinds of yumminess.  Salad, pasta, and breadsticks, fish tacos, beef or chicken sliders, fries, asparagus…I think that was it.  And of course the candy bar you saw earlier.

We got some pictures at our table.





And picked up a favor – beer cozies!



I don’t drink beer, but you can still always find a use for a cozy!  (Speaking of beer, there was a LOT at this wedding.  Two kegs were hooked up to a cooler.  It was right by our table – I can’t believe I failed to get a picture of it).

All that alcohol made for some craziness.  The dance floor was one of the most entertaining I’ve ever seen.



The photos are too dark, but all we had were our phones.

We kept waiting for someone to fall in the pool.  While no one fell in per say, the groom did decide to jump in a bit later.  Then the bride and groom jumped in together.  Yes, the bride jumped in the pool in her dress.  That led to this:



People just kept jumping in!  Or being pushed in.  Or falling in.  It was crazy!  We did not partake – not our thing.  Though I’m not gonna lie, if I was a bridesmaid and probably wouldn’t be wearing the dress again anyway, I might have.

Once you have a bunch of guests soaking wet, an event is nearing its end.  We were getting pretty tired at that point anyway (plus we’d had a busy morning!) so we headed out.  The drive home was easy and quick, and when we got home we changed out of our nice clothes and verged on the couch while finishing the homemade cookies and cream ice cream that was still in the freezer.

And then I was falling asleep on the couch.  It was somewhere close to midnight and time for bed.  I then proceeded to sleep until 9:30 this morning.  I’ll probably regret it later when trying to go to bed early for work tomorrow, but for now I don’t care because I clearly needed that much sleep.

The rest of today?  Vegging and blogging on the couch.  The only thing to make today better would be if Mat didn’t have to work.  :-/


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