Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.


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In our district, students have to take benchmark tests.  There are 4 math ones in total, given from September to March.  They’re supposed to be an indicator of how well our students will do on the state tests.

Today is the first of such benchmark tests.  I have a feeling the students do not like them (obviously), but as a teacher I really do.  Not because I’m mean (I swear I’m not!) but because it makes the day a lot easier for me.  I pick up the test in the morning, I give the test for 4 periods, I return the test, and then I go to dance.  I don’t have to do anything except sit and watch them take a test.  Is it boring?  Yes.  But is it a blessing to have a random day where I don’t have to do much?  YES.

It will also be interesting in a couple weeks to get the results back and see how well they’re doing.  It helps me figure out what stuff I need to make sure and review as the year goes on.

That being said, I love benchmark days.  Last night as I was mentally gearing myself up for getting up at 5 am to run 5 miles, I remember that it was going to be an easier day and was VERY excited.  You gotta love when the week gets broken up with a different kind of day.



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