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Kelly’s Bachelorette

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Kelly’s bachelorette weekend was lovely.  I met the other girls at the San Diego Zoo on Saturday around 1.  We all wore matching shirts (shown below) and Kelly had an adorable safari hat with a veil.






We had a great time wandering around and seeing all the animals.  I hadn’t gone to a zoo since I was a kid, so it was super fun!  I honestly don’t remember what some of the animals were – I just took a bunch of pictures.  🙂  (Like I promised!)










After the zoo, we headed to the hotel to get ready for dinner.  We went to a little Italian place called Arrivederci Ristourante.  I had the penne pasta with squash, eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, and tomato sauce with sheep cheese sprinkled on top.  I must have been starving after the morning’s run and walking around the zoo in the heat, because I ate every bite.



I also had two pieces of bread beforehand, but failed to take a picture.  I also failed to get a picture of the whole group which was a shame since a few other girls had joined by that point.  :-/

After dinner we headed back to the hotel for some games and dessert.  For the sake of being appropriate, I will not post the pictures of the game or the dessert.  🙂  It was quite tame (we’re a tame bunch) but still bachelorette worthy.

Kelly also opened her gift from Vanessa.  Anne had fun helping out.  🙂  (pst…look closely and you can see remnants of the game I wasn’t going to post pictures of)



Kelly also received a scrapbooking kit to help her turn all the wedding festivities photos into something special.


Around 1 am, I passed out.  This morning, we headed to Lips for breakfast.  As it turns out, Lips is a drag show.  I don’t think Kelly had any idea.



The brunch included unlimited mimosas which were offered before you were shown to your table.  We took an opportunity to get a group photo onstage before the show started.

Even if you’d only drank an inch of your mimosa, they came around and filled it up again.


As we waited for our food, they had mini blueberry muffins.


Honestly, the food wasn’t very good.  I think it was just what I ordered though.  Both Jenn and I got the omelette and they either put way too much cheese in it, put the wrong kind of cheese in it, or both.  There were onions and green peppers in it, which normally I like, but those kind of peppers need to be paired with a cheese other than American.  I didn’t take a photo, which isn’t really any loss because I barely ate half of it.  And I only ate that because I hadn’t eaten anything all day and it was already almost noon.

We got a few pictures at the table too.




The whole show was quite interesting.  Lots of throwing money at the stage, scandalous outfits, and people pulled onstage.  Luckily they didn’t try to pull me up (that is NOT my thing) but they did get Vanessa.  She played along well.


She’s the tiny pregnant one you can barely see.  🙂

We also managed to get a group photo outside before we all had to part ways.


It was a really fun little getaway.  I think Kelly had a lot of fun both in San Diego and on Friday night at Vanessa’s house.  I can’t wait to go to her wedding in 20 days!


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