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Money Woes


I’m mildly concerned about our financial situation. The cost of health insurance through my work is going up drastically now that there are two of us. I should have looked into it before adding Mat on but didn’t think the cost was as bad as it clearly is. I talked to the district today because they’ve been taking forever to get my name changed on the insurance and get Mat his card, and when I got home today we discussed the possibility of stopping my insurance and just using his. But, that presents a problem for my birth control pills because I currently get them through mail order and I don’t know if Mat’s insurance offers that. Plus, what if something happens with his job and we don’t have my insurance? We also considered dropping his, which wouldn’t save quite as much money but would still help…I don’t know what we’re going to do. It’s complicated by the fact that I don’t know what my paychecks will be since the district switched us to 11 paychecks per year from our usual 10, yet they’re keeping health insurance costs and union dues and retirement deductions on the 10 month plan. This means we see less money per month, even though I actually got a small raise this year.

UGH. Makes me start to regret treating myself to my new toys when I got two paychecks.

I’m hoping the ads on here will kick in and help some. I need to publicize more! Or something. How do the big bloggers get to the top? I want to be closer to the top!

We’re still buying a house though. We just gotta figure out what, if anything, to change with our health insurance. And try to talk down our cable bill. There are always solutions, right?

Have I ever mentioned that I want this kind of doggy once we have a house?

So. Stinkin. Cute.

Corgis are awesome. We are getting a Corgi. It has been decided.


Author: Melissa

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5 thoughts on “Money Woes

  1. I feel you! Alex and I canceled our cable, which saves us $100 each month. You can watch basically anything online nowadays!

  2. I should probably just write you an email, but I’m already typing. I’m with Alex & Alex, on possibly canceling your cable. I have the BASIC basic (11 channels) cable & wifi and I pay $80. It’s lame-o. Now, with insurance, remind this unmarried person– can you and Mat just keep your separate insurance plans, or do you have to be on the same one? And with blogging, from what little I know, most bloggers get going/ make money around 5 years. At least this is the average soonest time that people start getting paid for their writing. But it’s totally possible, so keep at it. I read your blogs!

    • From what I’ve seen based on the blogs I read, ads can start producing money pretty soon. Granted, it may not be much, but any start is a good start. I’m still waiting to see how much, if any, my first month of ads has produced. We can keep separate insurances, but at the moment we might not be able to cancel either one because of rules and such. :-/ And when I call, no one answers which makes it extra fun.

  3. Todd and I kept our own insurances. I think to add him to mine it was going to be like $75 or $100 a month or something redunkulous. As for cable, just drop it. All you need is wifi. But we have “basic” and wifi and we’re still paying about $50 a month. And we don’t even have a box to control our channels or give us a guide or music channels because that would be an extra $10 a month. Super duper lame.

  4. Hi!
    Insurance… I would keep it seperate for the time being and as for cable; Netflix all the way. I would drop your cable, however look into getting a cell/cable/internet package, usually cheaper in bundle form and eliminates three different payments a month. Now get yourself a notebook, write out the cost of bills a month, x 12 and subtract from your yearly earnings and see where you could pay advance on certai bills..i.e insurance, car loans, school loans…. Then look at what’s left and split it into 1/4 savings and 3/4 fun! I hope my rambles aren’t just rambles and provide some insight:)

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