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Friday Night Pizza

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Friday night pizza has been a tradition for as long as I can remember.  Ever since I was little, my family had pizza on Friday nights, and it was the only day we were allowed to eat in the living room at the coffee table in front of the tv.  We would watch TGIF on channel 7 (who remembers that! gotta love Full House and Family Matters, right?)

As a little kid (under age 4) I actually didn’t like pizza.  I was a VERY picky kid.  I remember my mom making me a grilled cheese or (when I had my dairy allergy) a peanut butter sandwich instead.  These were the days when my mom would make homemade (from scratch!) pizza dough every Friday.  Back then she wasn’t working, which I assume is why she was willing to do it.  Looking back I wonder what the heck was wrong with me to be picky like that and not partake of amazing homemade dough.

Eventually I learned that pizza was the best thing ever and ate it on Fridays.  My parents would sometimes get pizza from Gondola’s, a place near our house, and later on my mom started using Boboli dough.  Those were the days when I always had some ice cream for dessert.  I remember begin at ballet and/or rehearsal on those Friday nights and being so excited for the weekend and for pizza and ice cream.

In college, I often had pizza on Friday nights on my own.  I was a bit of a homebody despite being in a sorority, and so I often kept to myself on Friday nights.  It was finally a night for me – no homework, no class early the next morning, just me and my tv.  🙂  I would get a little personal pizza from Trader Joe’s and make a big salad and watched Gilmore Girls or something else on DVD.

When Mat and I started dating, we discovered that both of our families had the Friday night pizza tradition, and by that point both of our parents’ would get pizza from the same little family-owned place up the street.  Our dads had probably been there at the same time and never realized it!  So, the pizza tradition continued.  Sometimes we were at my house, but more often we were at his house.  I’m not sure why it worked out that way, but it did.

And now here we are, married and in our own place.  And you know what?  We often have pizza on Friday nights and eat in front of the tv.  🙂

Tonight it’s leftover Costco pizza from last week that we froze.  We made a salad, opened a bottle of wine, and got Yogurtland earlier this afternoon with a buy one get one free coupon.  Mat has to work at 3 am, but since I’ll be at Kelly’s bachelorette all day tomorrow and Sunday, he has plenty of time for a nap and opportunities to sleep in.  It’s an excellent Friday night!




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