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Life is Good

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I’m happy to say that this school year, I’m happy.  I’m content.  Yeah, there are little annoyances (like the $142 electric bill we just got – don’t get me started), but things are good.

I used to wake up angry and dread going to work.  Literally.  Sometimes I felt like it took every ounce of strength I had to pull my butt out of bed, go for my run, and get ready for work.  There were nights that I cried because I just didn’t know how to keep doing it.

This was because of having a very rough 5th period class, planning a wedding that we used to think would never get here, and being in two other weddings during the school year.  There was some other stuff too, more at the beginning of last school year but we won’t go there.

This year?  I started it with some dread because even though I figured it would be easier than last year, I hadn’t actually experienced it yet.  But, fortunately it’s proven to be easier and much more enjoyable.  All of my classes are great, the kids are hilarious, and dance production is lovely.  Yeah, it keeps me at school later than last year, but most of the time I don’t notice it that much.  And, it’s incredibly rewarding.  The kids work hard and they’ve already made lots of improvements.  It’s lovely to see.  🙂

Today’s Fitmixer photo a day was “living happy” – it was the inspiration for this post.  For the picture, I took a picture of Mat and I sitting on the couch and grinning.  I tagged it with “living happy with my hubby.”


Please ignore my makeup free face and the bad lighting.

On another, related note, check out this post I wrote for getmethroughtheweek.com.  🙂


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