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Yesterday afternoon, there was a fire across the street from school.

No one from school was hurt, and as far as I know there were no injuries reported.

It happened around 3:20 or so in the afternoon and we were almost done with dance practice for the day.  Some of the girls were outside getting water and they came running in talking about fire.  We all went outside and sure enough, there was a ton of black smoke.  At first I couldn’t tell if it was on campus or not.  I thought about my car, parked on the roof.  From where I was the smoke could have been right near my car.

Then there was an explosion.  I still didn’t know at that point where the fire was, but a couple minutes later I found out that it was across the street.  We let the dance kids go home since practice was basically over anyway, and I left to go home.


Because the entire street in front of school was blocked, I had to go around the LONG way.  I got turned around (thank goodness for iPhone) and it took a lot longer to get home than usual.  Then I was stuck at AAA for a while, but that’s another story.

It was rather scary, especially not knowing where the fire was at first.  And the explosion?  *shudder*  Apparently that was caused by one propane tank and if the workers hadn’t gotten the rest of them out, the explosions could have been a lot worse.

Thank God no one was hurt.



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