Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

Lunch and Dinner

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After laying out by the pool, I finally decided around 4 that I should eat “lunch.”  I wasn’t super hungry, surprisingly, but I knew I needed to eat because dinners was going to be late.  I sliced a banana and a few strawberries and topped it with almond butter and chocolate chips.



I spent the rest of the afternoon reading magazines, browsing the LA Marathon and Long Beach Half Marathon sites, and just generally relaxing.  It was lovely.  It was probably the first Sunday (and day in general) in a long time where I was truly aware of and appreciating the precious relaxation time that I had.  It’s amazing how long it’s taken me since our wedding ended to really relax.  Having a much better school year so far than last year has helped immensely too.

The best part of today?  Mat got home a little after 8!  Normally he works until 11 pm which means I have to be asleep before he gets home (which sometimes wouldn’t happen which resulted in me starting the week off in a crappy mood from not getting enough sleep).  From now on though, he will work until 8 on Sundays.  This is great for both of us because we can have dinner together and go to bed at the same time.  Yeah, it’s a rather late dinner, but who cares?

Tonight was the last of the sweet potato burritos with salad


and the last of the Riesling from Friday


And now it’s time to relax a bit more and then get to bed.  I’m trying to keep up the motivation to run in the mornings even though I always wake up tired.  The possibility of running the LA Marathon in March helps though!


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