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I Feel So Productive!

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This weekend has been a good one so far.  I had a good run yesterday, feel good in my Nutcracker decision, and am all caught up on the chores.  We went to dinner at Buca di Beppo for Auntie Kristin’s birthday last night and enjoyed good food, good wine, and good company.  The one picture I got was for the Fitmixer photo a day challenge:


You can kind of see all the wine bottles decorating the ceiling.  We heard them saying that there were over 500 bottles up there!  I’m hoping they were empty…

This morning we went to church down here in Irvine.  It’s an 8 am service which is a bit early, but since it’s 5 minutes away we’re home by 9:15 at the latest which is when church up at home (a half hour drive) would be starting.  Since we’d driven up home last night we didn’t really want to do it again, and Mat had to work at noon today so early church in Irvine was a double win.  We really like the pastor at this church too-his sermons are engaging and he has a great sense of humor.  It’s definitely a great second option when going up home isn’t as convenient.

We got home and were able to enjoy breakfast together and even watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica, something we haven’t watched since before our wedding.  The free month of Netflix is coming in handy!

I had a (overflowed) bowl of cereal and lots of iced coffee:


The best part about today?  Mat will be home just after 8!  We can have dinner together on a Sunday!  And go to bed at the same time!  And I’ll get enough sleep and won’t have to start the week off tired!  (Well at least not any more tired than a normal day).  It’s LOVELY.

After he left for work I went and laid by the pool for an hour and tried to catch up on my magazine reading.  I’m hoping to continue that this afternoon as I browse for shirts and sweats for the dance production kids.  I’m also watching Date Night on FX.  You know, that movie with Steve Carell and Tina Fey?  HILARIOUS!

Happy Sunday!


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