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House Buying

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As I mentioned before, we are in the beginning stages of looking for a house.  The first step is to submit all kinds of paperwork to get pre-qualified for a loan.  It’s a pain.

We have to dig up a bunch of different documents – w-2’s from the past two years, pay stubs, tax returns, retirement statements, etc.  Since I worked at three different schools in the same year at one point, I have three w-2’s from 2010 and have to find all of them.  This is proving to be a challenge because either a) I lost them b) I threw them out or c) they’re hiding somewhere because we moved.

I’ll be able to find everything, it’s just going to take some work and digging and calling places to ask for copies.  Mat has to do the same. I’m hoping this is the most frustrating part of it all.


Dinner was leftovers.  Mango Quinoa Salad with regular green salad,


a little bit of hummus and pita bread,






and honeydew (I had two servings, shh…)


And with that, it’s time for Boy Meets World and then bed.  Mat has a 4 am shift tomorrow and I have my long day.


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One thought on “House Buying

  1. From what I hear, that will NOT be the most frustrating part. :/ Good luck, friend!!

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