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Overcoming the ballet body image.


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11 years ago today the world changed. I could post a bunch of pictures on here from that day, but I’m not going to because they’re all over the news and are sad to look at.

What I remember most about that day was the fear. The fear of not knowing what was going to happen next, the fear of wondering if I was safe, and the fear of not wanting to go anywhere or do anything. I was scared to travel, scared to hear a plane fly overhead, and scared of what was going to happen to our country and the world.

I can’t believe it’s been 11 years. My students were 4, 5, and 6 years old then. They don’t know how the world was before. In some ways I envy them because they don’t know any different, but in other ways I wish they could have known what it was like before.

Who knows, maybe I’m naive and things weren’t really that great before 9/11. After all, I was only 15 myself. But I remember being scared. I remember the horror of realizing how many people died that day.

I remember.


Author: Melissa

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