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We’re Buying a House!

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Now, don’t get too excited.  We aren’t buying a house today.  Or tomorrow.  I actually have no idea when we’ll do it.

What I do know is that we’ve finally started the actual process.  Mat’s sister’s maid of honor’s husband (did you get that?  Ok good) is a real estate agent and she (Mat’s sister Nicole) suggested we contact him.  I knew that, but I guess I’d forgotten because when she mentioned it I was like “OH YEAH!”  I was super excited because I wanted to use someone who either we knew or knew of through a friend.  This was the perfect solution.

I messaged Nicole’s MOH on Thursday night and her husband called me the very next day.  He was going to get in touch with a mortgage guy who would then hopefully contact us by today.  He called me yesterday to say that he had in fact gotten ahold of the guy and asked if I wanted to call him or have the guy call us.

So, the mortgage guy is going to call us this afternoon!  I’M SO EXCITED!  And scared.  Kind of a lot scared.  Even though this is something we both want to do, it’s something we know almost nothing about.  It’s scary to finally be finding out soon just how much we can afford (I’ve had a number in my head for a while and I’m crossing my fingers the actual number is about the same).  It’s also scary to think about the fact that once you buy a house, you go from having lots of money because you’ve been saving for a gajillion years to having next to nothing.  *shudder*  But I guess you’ll have a house, right?

Either way it’s exciting.  🙂  And we’re both super glad to be working with someone we can trust and who is close to our age.  My gut is telling me that this is right.  I’m nervous, but in the good way.  🙂


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