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Kelly’s Shower

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Hi Kelly, I know you’re reading this.  🙂

I sadly do not have a lot of pictures from the shower.  And half of what I have are her gifts.  My excuse for failing at taking pictures?  Not forgetting my camera (which I did do, but that’s not an excuse because iPhones are just as good), but having such a fantastic time that I forgot I had my phone with me.

It’s sad, really.

But it was a lovely time.  Yummy food (scones with clotted cream OMG) and a thoroughly entertaining game.  We played the toilet paper dress game and it had been decided ahead of time that Kelly’s littles would be the mannequins for the two teams.  That meant that Anne and I were the mannequins.  It really was just fine with me since that meant I got to stand there and didn’t have to make any decisions.  🙂

I’m sure I looked quite ridiculous, but it was fun just the same.  If I get ahold of the pictures of it I’ll definitely post them.

Here are the whole FOUR photos I took at my big sis’s shower.  I fail.

That last one was pretty funny because she was sawing away at the tape with half of a pair of kitchen shears LOL.

I stayed for a while after the shower was over just chatting and catching up with the girls.  I love that everyone is getting married because it gives us all easy reasons to get together.  😀

When I got home, I was suddenly starving.  It must have been a combination of not eating a whole lot at the shower and having really sore muscles/working out more lately.  We had some random Mexican leftovers from making Mexican pizza last weekend, so I threw together a taco salad:

I’m also craving ice cream.  Oy.  Maybe I’ll have a little just to satisfy the craving.  We’re working on burning copies of our wedding photos for our parents and then we’re going to watch a Boy Meets World before hitting the hay.  Based on this morning, I clearly need my rest!


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