Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

Snack and the Fitmixer Photo Challenge

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Today was dance production’s running day.  I ran with them like last week and was proud to find that I ran it in 8:16.  That ws 17 seconds faster than last week!  I think it was because I didn’t feel the need to hold back as much.  Last week was the first time I’d run the track as a teacher and felt a little weird, and it was also hot and I didn’t want to push it.  Today I really wanted to beat my time, and boy did I beat it!  Now the challenge is to get below 8 minutes!  I’m hoping this will help me PR again in the Long Beach Half on October 7th.

I was hungry when I got home, and I’m still planning on going to ballet tonight, so I had a couple of pancakes and spread almond butter on one.  I usually have pretty small after-work snacks, but today I just felt like I needed more.


It definitely hit the spot.

This morning I posted on yesterday’s Fitmixer photo challenge.  Today’s challenge was to take a picture of your least favorite muscle.  For me, that would be my calves, hands down.  I feel like they’re huge and gross.



So there you go.  By posting this picture I’m trying to face my self-consciousness about my calves.  Yay me??


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