Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

Boca Burgers

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When I was at Costco last Friday, I bought several things that I’d been meaning to buy but was waiting for more money in the bank to do it.  Since I got the double paycheck the same day as Mat got paid, Friday was a perfect day to stock up.

One of the things I bought was Boca Burgers.  I’ve only had one once and Mat has had them twice, but we both discovered that we really liked them.  Tonight, Mat made them while I was at ballet since he had to get to bed early and I reheated mine when I got home.


I toasted a sandwich thin (I don’t generally use actual hamburger buns) and when I put it on the plate this is what happened.  Mickey!  I totally texted this picture to Steph.

My plate:


I went plain today: 2 slices of American cheese and plenty of ketchup.  I probably could have gotten more creative with the toppings/condiments, but since it was getting late I went with easy stuff.

Ballet tonight definitely kicked my butt.  There were only 2 of us in class, and we were lucky they didn’t cancel it.  Having essentially a private lesson was pretty awesome, I must say.

I’m typing this as I eat and watch Four Weddings.  Mat is already asleep and I would love to be sleeping soon too.  Gotta get on that!

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