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We Went to the Mall Yesterday


And boy did we buy a lot.  Getting two paychecks certainly was amazing.  We paid off the credit card (and then promptly charged it again on protein powder and a fireproof safe, but that’s ok), set aside money for the house, Hawaii, and Christmas presents, and apparently decided today was going to be a shopping spree.  It wasn’t originally going to be like that – I just wanted to get new running shoes (which I needed desperately) and Clinique makeup because I’m running low.  We also figured we’d get our free Godiva truffle for September and get some Starbucks (Mat still has a gift card that he shares with me because he loves me like that 😉  ).

We got the Godiva and Starbucks.  I got my makeup.  I got my running shoes (I love that there’s a New Balance store at South Coast):

Aren’t they fun???  I LOVE the bright blue.  And they’re more lightweight than my previous pairs.  I’m actually excited to way up early and run!  New shoes are SO cushy.  You definitely know you needed new shoes when you put new ones on and think, “ohhhhh this is how they’re supposed to feel!”

We also wandered into Macy’s to get Mat some clothes.  He had a gift card from my parents from his birthday that he hadn’t used yet, and since we knew we had more money in the bank we figured we’d get him a few nice things that will be versatile and go with stuff he already has.

Enter his new suit:

Ain’t that spiffy?  Hehe.  We just sort of stumbled on the pants and coat.  They’re a charcoal gray, slim cut, and Calvin Klein.  Can’t say no to that!  Better still, the pants were only about $60.  As he was trying those on, I wandered and found a few shirts that could go with it.  Hence that nice blue shirt.  Then of course we realized he needed a tie, so we looked around and found a gray DKNY slim tie that matched perfectly and was on sale.

Yeah, it was a little more than we would usually pay, but I don’t really have a problem paying more for high quality stuff (when we have the money in the bank) that will last a long time.  It’s especially true for men’s suits because if you buy a classic fit it will never go out of style and he really will be able to wear it for years.

So then, off we went to Michael Kors.  I mainly wanted a new cell phone cover and I knew that they weren’t really any more expensive (ok, maybe $5 more, big deal) than most covers are.  My old cover was getting all scraped up and was from when I had a black iPhone and now I have a white one.

Of course, before we went in I had started thinking about how technically we could afford for me to get a new purse and wallet too, as long as the purse was one of the cheaper ones.

That was a bad thought.  This is what happened:


*sigh*  It totally looks like I have no self-control.  It really wasn’t that bad though.  The tote is a good size, but totes are less expensive because they have less compartments and things (at least that’s my assumption).  And the wallet was what you’d expect for a nice leather wallet.  Is it sickening that they all three match?  I love the vanilla “MK” design though.  I’m going to be super careful with it at work, that’s for sure.

The guy in the store (who was definitely gay) was awesome.  He was super helpful, super funny, and was almost in awe of my 3+ year old beat up Michael Kors purse I bought with birthday money so long ago.  I still love that purse, and it was almost sad to take everything out and organize the new one.  I’m sure I’ll still use it, just like I fully intend to use my old Dooney and Bourke again.

Despite my lovely new Michael Kors purchase, I still want Prada one day.  It’s my mission.  🙂


Author: Melissa

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2 thoughts on “We Went to the Mall Yesterday

  1. I am the girl who doesn’t get designer stuff. I don’t understand why it’s so awesome. I suppose it’s because I’ve never tried it? Even my sister has a Coach purse. Maybe one day I’ll try it out and see what all the fuss is about.

    • I really don’t know why I love it either. There’s just something fun about it. I probably would never buy clothes though unless it’s something I know I’d wear a LOT. Or a staple like a little black dress. 🙂

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