Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.


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I spent most of the day at Steph’s today.  It was lovely.  We chatted, watched Alice in Wonderland on Blu-Ray (old animated movies on Blu-Ray crack me up) and make chicken tacos with Mexican rice.


We also had lava cookies with ice cream, but I ate those too fast.

Yesterday we finally got to hang our “Love” photo collage.  I got a bunch of wedding pictures printed at Costco the other day and picked out some good ones for the frames.  There are wedding pictures EVERYWHERE in our living room and bedroom, but I figure we’re newlyweds so  who cares?


Isn’t that fun???!!!

I’m glad we forced ourselves to get them hung since we may not be here by this time next year.  The goal is to buy a house sometime this school year.  Hopefully we can start that process soon.

I’m so happy tomorrow is a holiday.  I’m trying to relish it since it’s the only one we get for a while now.  And I’m already tired which isn’t a good sign.  I might do an Insanity workout instead of run tomorrow deepening on what time I’m able to wake up and whether or not the sun is blazing.  I’m sort of in a running run because of the heat – kind of annoying.

I need to go to bed.  My eyelids are heavy.


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One thought on “Sunday

  1. So you’re happy with the print quality at costco? I usually print at Target because it’s down the street and quick and fairly cheap. But Todd’s not happy with their quality so we wanted to try costco. We have the same frame set and we need to decide what pictures to use to fill it up! That’s what keeps getting to me. It seems way too hard to make those decisions. We haven’t printed ANYTHING to hang up in our house yet!

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