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Show Me the Money!


Today is a FABULOUS day.  I slept in a little (until 6) and didn’t run.  I’ll run the mile with the dance girls later today, but that’s ok because to me one mile is EASY.

Today, we are getting three paychecks.  Mat gets paid today (his THIRD this month) and I’m getting two.  Why?  Well, I have the paycheck planner set up so that each paycheck during the year has a certain percentage deducted that then pays me during the summer. Tomorrow is my second such paycheck of the summer.  Then, because our district switched from 10 paychecks per school year to 11, I get my first check of the new year tomorrow.  Can we say YAY?!?!

This three paycheck thing means all the bills get paid (obviously), we can stash a crapton toward the house down payment, we can stash enough to buy Christmas gifts for everyone, and we can stash some more toward next summer’s Hawaii trip.  On top of that, I can buy new running shoes and maybe we can both get a few new shirts or something.

Too bad every month isn’t like that!


Author: Melissa

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2 thoughts on “Show Me the Money!

  1. WOW! Nice! Congratulations. 🙂 Make sure you alter your paycheck planner though for the change to the 11 checks. Todd got an extra check this month too and we’re using it for either our debt snowball or our emergency fund. Yay!

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