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Overcoming the ballet body image.

A Thought

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I’ve had a thought lately.  I mentioned it yesterday.  I’ve been bitten by the performing bug.

I started mulling the thought around last week when school started and I discovered the joy of teaching the dance production girls.  Then we went to the Tchaikovsky concert on Saturday night and I saw those musicians and the conductor playing with such passion.  I heard the waltz from Swan Lake and the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet and just wanted to dance.

Then we went to church yesterday when my mom’s high school choir Humneo sang.  I felt the power of the music all over again.  I started craving a performance.

I’m thinking about it.  I don’t know if it would be crazy to attempt or not, which is why I’m going to be giving it serious thought.  I have a couple of weeks until the auditions to think about it.

Oy vey.  I don’t know what to do.

See, I love running and I’m really loving the idea of trying CrossFit and other new things.  That being said though, THIS is what I miss doing:



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